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San Luis People's Ditch

Discover "acequias" (gravity-fed irrigation systems) in one of the oldest communities in Colorado. Serving the village of San Luis de la Culebra before Colorado was a Territory, the People's Ditch was initially a shallow hand-dug irrigation channel. Later, oxen pulling a plow widened and extended the ditch. Operating under Water District 24 of Division 3, the People's Ditch holds the first adjudicated water rights in Colorado. The People's Ditch serves 16 "parcientes" (affiliated water users) and irrigates approximately 2100 acres of hay & other row crops. A majority of parcientes are descendants of the original founders of the acequia.

Extends 4 miles west from La Vega (pasture land) in San Luis near CO Hwy. 159
San LuisCO  81152
(719) 672-3002 ; (719) 672-3611

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