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La Vega

La Vega is the only Mexican-Era land grant commons in Colorado. Continuing to serve its original purpose of communal grazing, La Vega was designated by a 1863 covenant for villagers living in the Rio Culebra Basin. Allocated for seven villages, the commons extended 18 miles south to the New Mexico border at its inception. Though La Vega has dwindled to 500-acres the commons is maintained and managed by local descendants who use the pasture. Traditionally Vega rules dictate that the wetlands remain uncultivated since each family was allowed to graze four cattle or milk cows, horses, and mules.

Communal pasture land forming the far eastern boundary of the Town of San Luis
San LuisCO  81152
(719) 672-3611

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Look for the stone commemorative marker at the south edge of town on the west side of CO Hwy 159 (Main Street) in San Luis. From here you can view La Vega. Best to call ahead before exploring La Vega. Lands are not open to the general public. An excellent interpretive display in the San Luis Museum and Cultural Center in downtown San Luis gives details on La Vega. (See also separate museum listing on this website.)
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Structures located within the San Luis historic district include the Sangre de Cristo Parish Church, Costilla County Courthouse, San Luis Cultural Center and Museum, and R&R Grocery and Hardware, the oldest family business in Colorado. Amenities of interest to tourists are the Ventero Press Art Gallery, two coffee shops, and restaurants.
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